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      Proprietary TCM E-Commerce Platform
      Online Preparation & Distribution Center
  • China's first online TCM Prescription and Compounding E-Commerce Platform 
  • Utilizes: “Internet+Distrbution Network+Traditional Chinese Medicine”
  • Build upon XPH's solid TCM foundations, our TCM e-commerce platform is the perfect solution to personalized TCM treatment for consumers
  • With more than 3000 sq meters of space,our platform is capable of processing 2000 prescriptions per day
Your One-Stop Shop to Professional TCM Service

We provide professional TCM dispensing, decotion, personalized counseling, and door-to-door services in our all inclusive platform. With more than 800 different TCM Herbs sourced from XPH's own GAP plantations located all over mainland China, the highest quality assurance for your TCM is delivered. Utilizing international GMP practices, SOP standard operations. and state of the art decoction systems, our team of professionals provide top quality pharmceutical management for this platform.

  • Diagnosis & Consultation

    Diagnosis & Consultation

  • Professional Prescription Review

    Professional Prescription Review

  • Drug Dispensing

    Drug Dispensing

  • TCM Decotion

    TCM Decotion

  • Door-to-Door Delivery

    Door-to-Door Delivery

  • Express Service

    Express Service

Health and Medicine Straight to Your Door

Five Core Commitments

  • Quality Herbs

    All herbs are sourced from XPH locallized GAP plantations with top quality assurance guaranteed.

  • Quality Production

    Fully automated production line ensures equal quality in every batch.

  • Standardized Process

    All processes has been standardized with SOP in place to ensure throughout traceability.

  • Professional Team

    Management consist of the best professionals pharma has to offer.

  • Safe Delivery

    Utilizes cold chain distribution technology to ensure safe and efficient TCM delivery.

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