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  • Huazhou Citri Grandis (Juhong) View More >
    Huazhou Citri Grandis (Juhong)
    【Product Features】
    The finest Orange/Pomelo Peel from our Huazhou GAP plantation that are around 5-8 cm in diameter. Juhong is sourced from top quality production environments using green & ecological soil with no pesticides, and no heavy metals
    【Indications and Usage】
    For the treament of Cough and Nasal Congestion, Indigestion, Alcoholic Hangovers, and Nausea  
    Comes in Slices or Shredded Pieces, Brew as a tea or soup as pleased
  • Goji Berry View More >
    Goji Berry
    【Product Features】
    Goji Berries from our Ningxia GAP plantation, an area renown for producing the finest Goji throughout history.  Displays a evengranular and uniformed quality with no additives Guarantee. Grown from top quality production envirnments using green & ecological soil with no pesticides, and no heavy metals
    【Indications and Usage】
    Weakness, immuno-deficiency (resistence is low), Fatigue, Eyestrain from overwork 【Packaging】
     Resealable Bags and Double sealed cans, Brew as tea or soup. 

  • Chrysanthemum (Dried Flower) View More >
    Chrysanthemum (Dried Flower)
    【Product Features】
    The finest Chrysanthemum sourced from Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province. Naturally grown with no additives guarantee. 
    【Indications and Usage】
    Great for people with easily heated physique, overly worked eyes and under typical workplace pressure.
    Resealable Bags and Double sealed cans, Brew as herbal tea.

  • Rose (Dried Buds) View More >
    Rose (Dried Buds)
    【Product Features】
    The finest Rose Buds sourced from Shandong Province. clean and beautiful.
    【Indications and Usage】
     Calm and sooth the nerves, relieving uneasiness of the mind and body; Treats melancholy, stanant abdominal pain, Loss of appetite, and Irregular menstruation
    Resealable Bags and Double sealed cans, Brew as herbal tea 

  • Compounded Granules of TCM View More >
    Compounded Granules of TCM

    Based on Traditional Chinese Medicinal Soup’s decoction methods, our TCM granules are extracted from quality TCM herbs, decocted from aqueous solution resulted in a full extraction of the TCM. No/minimal additives are used in formulation of our naturally derived granules, where each individual herb/TCM has been developed with modernized bioprocessing methods to ensure maximum quality of this TCM.

    Product Advantage:
    1. Sourced from standardized, localized and regulated GAP plantations, quality guarantee from the very start
    2. Decocted via aqueous solutions, utilizing classical prescriptions to build standardized decoction methods.
    3. Quality Controlled via state of art fingerprinting technology, fully traceable process
    4. Standardized GMP procedure, digitally integrated manufacturing process with quality in every batch.

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